Estate Planning 202: IRA Trusts

Jul 19, 2018 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Sommers Law Group Classroom

390 Union Blvd, Suite 260 Lakewood, CO 80228 [Map & Directions]


How You Can Protect Inherited Retirement Accounts


Join Linda Sommers to learn how professionals and advisors can help protect inherited retirement accounts.


Linda will explain the following about Standalone Retirement Trusts (SRT):  

  • Selecting the right beneficiary for an IRA is just as important as putting the money aside and investing it wisely - if the beneficiary is not named correctly, a beneficiary could lose his or her entire inheritance.

  • How to maximize "stretch out," potentially providing a lifetime of income for beneficiaries.

  • How to protect beneficiaries against probate, guardianship, or conservatorship.

  • How to protect beneficiaries from divorce, creditors, judgments, and bankruptcy filings.

Linda will also discuss the compelling reasons to discuss Standalone Retirement Trusts with your clients:  

  • If a retirement account is seized in a lawsuit, frivolously spent, or taken by a divorcing spouse or predator, those assets leave an advisor's management.

  • Protecting these assets provides an opportunity to contact your clients, review assets, and determine whether or not their account is under management.

  • When an adviser spots and helps to protect vulnerabilities, a client's confidence and likelihood of making a referral increases.

  • Proactive planning can assure the longest possible stretch out and growth of a client's assets, ultimately providing an opportunity for continued management and advice to beneficiaries.

Join us to learn more at our upcoming class!

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