EP 202: Retirement Plan Trusts

Introduction to IRA Trusts
Saturday, August 25, 2018
Sommers Law Group Classroom
Located at: 390 Union Blvd Suite 260 Lakewood, CO 80228

Learn why so many of our clients are leaving their retirement plans in a special retirement trust for their heirs!  Linda will be answering your questions and discussing the following: 

  • Thanks to current IRS rules, your beneficiaries may now "stretch-out" their taxable, required minimum distributions over their own life expectancy. This means your retirement plan monies may compound income-tax-free for a much longer period -- and literally grow to be worth millions!

  • Income tax "stretch-out" is not automatic when individuals are named as beneficiaries. The beneficiary can "cash it out" if they so choose.

  • A Retirement Plan Trust can assure that your beneficiaries take advantage of the maximum income tax "stretch-out" and allow your retirement plan to compound income tax-free for generations.

  • Pass your retirement plan from your children to your grandchildren - estate tax-free!

  • Prevent your beneficiaries with poor money-management skills from blowing it all!

  • Avoid losing 70% or more of your IRA or 401k to taxes after your death.

  • Control the conditions which must exist before your retirement plan beneficiaries can access the funds.

  • Even if your beneficiaries are smart and stretch-out the retirement plan, if it is in their name, it will be subject to divorce, lawsuits or creditors!

  • Control who will inherit your retirement plan after the primary beneficiary is gone.

  • Prevent an ex-spouse or ex-son/daughter-in-law from having access to the retirement funds left to a minor child.

  • If a minor child is the potential beneficiary of your retirement plan, a Retirement Plan Trust will help to avoid a costly court process, which otherwise would be necessary because heirs cannot inherit assets while they are minors. If not handled properly, a court will become involved.

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